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and rose o●n his wife’s fortune and jud●icious smarming of powerful people.▓Worst of all he has a distinct inferiority ▓complex about my own birth and family background▓.He has still not

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  • h Pombal has made her, and ●which will never be fulfilled.▓ ‘
  • It was a curious and dangerous attachment fo●r an easy-going ma
  • n’ (hear ●Pombal’s voice explaining).‘It felt as if
  • ▓her cool murderous charity ha●d eaten awa


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  • ntres, paralysed m●
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  • y nervous system.Thank God I● am free to concentrate on my work once more.’● He is troubled about his work.Rumours of● his habits and general outlo▓ok have begun to get back to the Consulate.Ly●ing in bed he plans a
  • campaign which wil●l get him crucified and promoted to a post wit●h more scope.‘I have decided that I simply mu▓st get my cross.I am going to give several sk▓ilfully graded parties.I shall count on▓ you: I shall need a few shabby pe

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